Four Thieves Vinegar

archival pigment prints of collages in a handmade clamshell box, handmade vitrine, panel of archival pigment print with legend and images from folio

72"h X 50" X 22"d

The Legend of Four Thieves Vinegar

In the midst of the bubonic plague, four thieves secured their freedom from captivity by divulging a preventive homeopathic concoction rumored to ward off the disease. Herbs, garlic and vinegar were rendered into a solution that was to be applied to cotton wraps covering the body and face. Whether a clever con on a desperate people or a true prevention against the plague, the mixture was a ray of hope in a fearful time.

Further information about the folio

Each Folded page is printed with a roman numeral on the front that corresponds to the herb's listing in the table of contents. Inside each folded page is a printed version of a collage using photographs taken of the pressed herbs, garlic, grapes and cotton. The box that contains the pages is a gray fabric with a warm white interior. When closed the box looks like a book with warm white pages. The box has the title IV Thieves Vinegar inset on the cover.