Print Suite Edition of 15
I.C.U.S.X. & E.R.

archival pigment prints on Sommerset paper in handmade book, handmade vitrine, archival pigment prints with hand tipped maps and photograph, signed, dated, editioned

Prints 22.25" x 30"

Vitrine 37.5"h X 24"w X 18"d

I.C.U.S.X. & E.R. Statement

Before tearing down the original Essex House in London a window looking out on the courtyard was found with the cipher I.C.U.S.X. & E.R. scratched into the glass. Presumably this was an allusion that a resident of the house had created after witnessing the third Earl of Essex and Queen Elizabeth, or Elizabeth Regina as she was known, stealing away for a romantic interlude. The Earl of Essex was known to be a favorite of the queen from his childhood when he would play at court. Despite the Queen’s affection for the Earl, to whatever extent they existed, things did not end well for him.  In the end her hand was forced, and she had him executed for an ill-advised coup, which he staged against her government.

In Search of London by H.V. Morton served as the inspiration for this book and text. His information about this infamous window in the Essex house was taken from Lord Cholmondeley who claimed to have found the said window and it’s message.